Things to See and Do

We’ll make sure the day is filled with interesting and fun opportunities for individuals, couples, or families of all ages.

If you haven’t visited the Richmond Nature Park before, and are curious about our venue, please check out the City of Richmond’s link right here!

Bring a lunch and …

Please note that we will not be serving lunch, but there will be beverages for sale. We encourage you to bring a lunch if you plan to participate in both the morning and afternoon sessions. You’ll find plenty of friendly faces to share your lunch break with.

A camera!

We encourage you to bring your digital camera—whether that’s your phone, a DSLR, or a point-and-shoot. The session from the Photoclub will be very helpful if you bring your camera, and there are many photo ops around the venue to practice the new tips!

Want to build a geocache with us?

During the event, there’ll be opportunities to work with creative cache creators in our workshop area. Bring some ideas and we’ll supply materials! If you’re able to bring your own basic, water-tight container as a starting point, that’ll be helpful. Really, it can be as simple as a weatherproof match holder or lock-and-lock-style sandwich container.

Go geocaching!

Are you a geocacher, and haven’t yet attempted the Richmond Geotour? Check out that option, as well as other geocaches in the area!

Visit vendors and clubs

We’ll have multiple vendors and booths at the conference in the main event area for you to learn more about some of the topics, or purchase your own geocaching supplies! Vendor booths will include:

Please remember to let us know which sessions you’d like to attend by filling out a registration form. See you there!

Click here to visit GC7KFRR at and log your WILL ATTEND!
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